About Us

The ARROW Project – “Improvement of Research and Innovation Skills in Mongolian Universities”, with an approved budget of € 551,140.00, aims to contribute to the promotion and strengthening of scientific writing capacity building and results visibility in Mongolian Universities belonging to the Consortium.

The ARROW project will be executed by a Consortium of 4 European Higher Education Institutions (1 Portuguese, 1 Polish and 2 Spanish Institutions) and 11 Mongolian Partners.

ARROW will provide the consortium of Mongolian universities with adequate tools to increase the visibility and rates of scientific production in terms of better scientific manuscripts and patents.

Mongolian researchers will learn how to improve the quality of their scientific productions, but undoubtedly the great heritage of ARROW will be the “mentorscientist” platform, where prestigious scientists, around the world, will help altruistically improve the manuscripts of scientists in the developing countries.

To achieve the aforementioned objective, the following points will be developed:

  1. On-line course on scientific databases.
  2. Scientific English course.
  3. On-line course on plagiarism and self-plagiarism.
  4. Workshop on writing skills.
  5. Patents Seminars.
  6. Applied Statistics Course.
  7. Creation of the mentorscientist website.


The Consortium is composed by

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