Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences

Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) was founded in 1942 as a medical faculty of National University of Mongolia and produced more than 90 percent of medical and health professionals of Mongolia.

Former names of the university: 1961- Mongolian State Medical Institute; 1991- National Medical University of Mongolia; 2003- Health Sciences University of Mongolia; 2014- Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences.

The vision of the Mongolian National University of Medical Science’s is to transform from one of Mongolia’s premiere universities to one of Asian, then world’s best universities. The mission is to become one of top 100 medical universities in Western pacific region of Asia in the recent future.

Description of the role within the project

Participation in this project will be beneficial for MNUMS, as they will work closely with the coordinator as the rest of partners in order to ensure the development of a high quality and efficient management of the project. Besides, MNUMS will participate in all activities carried out under the work packages. Within the project, MNUMS is participating the dissemination and exploitation committee, therefore willing to accomplish following activities; developing dissemination material, realizing important dissemination‐bound networking activities, design a Dissemination Strategy Plan, work together with the other Mongolian partners and ULPGC for the intermediate and final meetings organization and implementation.