Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The ULPGC is a modern institution with a long academic track record, committed to quality, efficiency and modernity. It has 21 centres, 1 ascribed centre, 42 undergraduate degrees, 18 official postgraduate programs, 5 on-line qualifications, 45 ULPGC masters and university expert programs and 3 special training programs. Research activities reflect the multidisciplinary nature of our 36 Departments: 12 in engineering and architecture, 11 in science and health sciences, 6 in social and legal sciences and 7 in art and humanities. Regarding to students and staff, it has around 25000 student, 1.630 lecturers and researchers and 756 members of the administration and services staff.
Description of the role within the project

The ULPGC will act as ARROW coordinator. It will be in charge of all the administration and finance policies and reporting between partners and the Executive Agency. Be responsible for planning, developing the workplan, coordination of working packages and dissemination activities. The wide expertise will include an academic coordination for the training and for the setting up of the observatory, managing the contents, the professors, students and teachers to be involved and following- up precisely all the actions related to training and implementation.

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