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Hangai University

The NMIT is an entrepreneurial, financially independent research university which strives towards building new knowledge in the areas of fundamental sciences and advanced technologies such as information technology, biotechnology and nanoengineering. Description of the role within the project As one of the lead organizations of the WP4, NMIT is committed...

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Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences

Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) was founded in 1942 as a medical faculty of National University of Mongolia and produced more than 90 percent of medical and health professionals of Mongolia. Former names of the university: 1961- Mongolian State Medical Institute; 1991- National Medical University of Mongolia; 2003-...

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Mongolian National University of Education

Mongolian National University of Education, founded in 1951, is the largest center of teacher education for all educational and science sectors of the country. It has been successfully performing its duties to offer high quality teacher education to meet the needs of the schools of all levels through the preparation...

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