Workshop Dissemination and Exploitation of Project results

The past day 18th March 2021 the on-line workshop “Dissemination and Exploitation of project results” took place.

The workshop was organized and taught by the University of Porto, partner of the ARROW project, though their Research and Projects office (RPO). 3 participants per each Mongolian Universities and 6 European partners joined the on-line activity.

The aim of the workshop was to establish a discussion about key concepts such as “Dissemination”, “Exploitation”, “Science communication”, “target groups” etc, in order to establish common grounds for the topics to be developed.

Another topic was how to define a plan for dissemination and exploitation in international projects, through practical examples and advises from U.Porto.

Information was organized considering the following contexts:

a) institutional/internal,

b) academia/higher education peers,

c) general public.

Orientations from Erasmus+ and other international funding programs were mobilized with examples for dissemination and exploitation. At the end, participants were invited to a practical exercise in order to accommodate the principal contents developed during the workshop.Tools and useful links were shared as well.

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