Workshop Design Thinking in Education and Science

Design and design thinking are vital to creativity and innovation and have become increasingly important in the current movement of developing and implementing integrated education and science.

The past 19th March 2021, the on-line workshop “Design Thinking in Education and Science” took place within the ARROW Project.

During the workshop, the concept of design and design thinking were discussed, followed by a discussion of developing students’ design thinking, as a model of thinking, through design activities.

Additionally, the application of the design thinking method during scientific work was also discussed.

The workshop was divided into three parts:

1. Design Thinking – Introduction (1h)

2. Design Thinking in Education process – [case study and group work] (1,5h)

3. Design Thinking in Science – [case study and group work] – (1,5h)

The workshop was entirely taught by Prof. Malgorzata Guzowska, University of Szczecin, partner of the ARROW project and Leader of the Arrow Quality Committee