Tsetsee Goun Institute of Management

Tsetsee Goun Institute of Management is one of the first private institutes in Mongolia founded in 1998 aimed to prepare the specialists in direction of public administration and business management by initiative of ‘Development Foundation of Local Management’ NGO, Mr. Gankhuyag.G, former member of Parliament of Mongolia and some other scholars working in management of economics. Our institute has been conducting higher quality training using an advanced up to-date technique and technology with motto ‘Neatness knowledge, quality training and skilled specialists’.

Description of the role within the project

We will organize WP3.3 or on-line course on plagiarism and self-plagiarism. And ULPGC will prepare the course content and upload it on the arrow platform. The course will include some webinars, a final exam and a quality survey. Theoretical training of 15 staff of each Mongolian HEIs (10 staff and 5 students, masters, PhD or Post Doc) will attend the course.

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