Choi. Lubsangjab University of Language and Civilization

Established by the eminent scholar –philologist titled Honored Teacher of Mongolia, late Dr. Choi. Lubsangjab in 1993, as one of the first private higher educational establishments with a specific feature curriculum based on the studies of teaching and providing education on the subjects of Mongolian. The University’s contribution is highly recognized by the mass. The Mongolian National script is one of the significant cultural heritage, that Genghis Khan left with Mongolian nomadic civilization. It is also recognized by UNESCO as a tangible cultural legacy of humanity to be conserved and protected.

Description of the role within the project

To improve research skills as well as scientific writing practical expertise. Our younger staff members may learn the knowledge skills and experiences from their European counterparts and colleagues. Thereby exchange of mutual experiences managing methods would be beneficial for over-all teaching and writing as well as publishing work of our University.