Workshop: Funding opportunities and Proposal writing

The past 3rd July the on-site Workshop “Funding opportunities and proposal writing” took place at National University of Mongolia. 36 Mongolian staff and researchers attended the workshop which was taught by the Portuguese team from the Research Support office of UPORTO. The objective was to give an international, national and regional outlook on funding, with focus on European programmes, Horizon 2020 and other relevant programmes attending the study and research areas of participants.

The content of the course was the following:

  • Strategies to search and to identify funding opportunities.
  • Definition of a “research profile”, project idea and matching with suitable funding opportunities.
  • Strategies to the preparation of the project and on the submission process (with practical exercises).
  • Financial component of applications and projects.
  • Legal and financial components and accountability actions.

Activities: Explanation of theoretical contents and realisation of practical exercises on a project idea through different tools (e.g. proposal canvas, project sheet). At the end of the training participants undertook a final presentation on their projects.

Duration: 8 on-site hours.