Ulaanbaatar State University Project team has successfully organized closing seminar –meeting among the teachers, researchers and doctorate degree students who are participating online course “ARROW” project “HOW TO USE DATABASE IN PERSONAL SCIENTIFIC LIFE” AR1, on the 18th of December.2018.

The Erasmus+ “ARROW” jointly project of 4 countries: Spain, Portugal, Poland and Mongolia which is implemented by European Union, leaded be Las Palmas University of Spain, aimed at improvement of research and innovation skills in Mongolian Universities. The course covers 4 main topics: “Everything that you know about databases”, “How to use database in personal scientific life?”, “Medline/ Pubmed guide” and “How to add a journal to the international database.

Good luck for the certificate examination all of you 15 teachers and researchers who are participating online course. Wish you success for further academic research!

Link to the news here.