ARROW PROJECT Intermediate Meeting

During the days 1st-4th July 2019 the Intermediate Meeting of the ARROW project took place at National University of Mongolia (NUM). 36 Mongolian Partners and 9 European staff from Portugal, Spain and Poland attended the intermediate meeting of the project.

During the first day of the meeting specific topics were discussed such us the status of the project, the situation report (WP1), the financial situation, etc. On the other hand, the second day of the meeting was focused on the Quality Plan of the project (presented by the ARROW Quality Committee). A first draft of the QP was presented and all partners had a brainstorming of ideas, indicators and evidences to be included in the plan. In the afternoon session all the Mongolian partners presented the results and activities implemented during the first year of the project. The third day the Workshop “Funding opportunities and proposal writing” taught by the University of Porto was held at NUM. The aim of the workshop was to present the international, national and regional scenarios regarding funding opportunities and to capacitate Mongolian researchers and staff with the tools and strategies to submit research proposals. To conclude the workshop a practical exercise took place to simulate the submission of a project proposal.

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